Time flies when you’re not having fun.

My life can never just be status quo. Things had started to settle into a rhythm the past few weeks and then everything has got upside down. I think sometimes God thinks that I think better on my feet and He doesn’t ever want me to sit in one place. I’m serious about this, every time my life calms down and I get to make progress in an aspect of my life it gets put on hold because of a new crisis.

These past few weeks have been filled with worries about my father. Just over 4 weeks ago he drove himself to the hospital with complaints about his left leg. That Sunday he was taken by ambulance back to the hospital. Two days later he was transferred to Foothills Hospital for testing and care. After 4 weeks of tests and doctors scratching their collective heads they have been able to let us know what they think is the problem. I won’t discuss the exact details as that his my fathers privacy but it means some definite lifestyle changing possibilities. They are now going to attempt to transfer him back to the hospital here to continue treatment. It will mean quite a bit less travel for me and hopefully more time for this blog and other endeavours.

I will try to restart my postings with regularity this week and again I apologize for letting this sit idle for so long. Hopefully I haven’t lost many readers.


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